Monday, April 03, 2006

What I Believe by Norma Fox Mazer

This new book will appeal to those of you who like to read Sonya Sones books. It is written in a narrative prose format. You will not find too many traditional paragraphs in this book.
As the story begins you meet Vicki. Vicki's life is drastically changing. Her father has been laid off from his well-paying job. Finally, extreme debt has forced the family to sell their home in the suburbs and move to an apartment in the city. Changes, changes, changes......... Vicki is trying to make sense of everything. If you like realistic fiction you will enjoy this book!

The Lambkins

The Lambkins is one of Eve Bunting's latest releases. Evil Mrs Shepherd (and she really is evil!) has kidnapped Kyle, Mac, Tanya, and Lulu. She is holding them hostage in her home, but not exactly..... What do I mean?
All the kids have been injected with a shrinking formula which was invented by Dr. Magnus Shepherd, a famous genetic scientist. Each week Mrs Shepherd gives them the shot which keeps them at a height of about 8 inches! They live inside a dollhouse in the Shepherd basement!
Escaping becomes the focus of everyone's efforts. After much planning, Kyle is able to escape in a bag of dirty laundry. He is tossed into the washing machine. He does manage an exciting escape, only to chased and caught by Mrs. Shepher in a butterfly net.
Will the four ever find their way out of the house? Read the book and find out!

The Heaven Shop

Deborah Ellis' books often focus on world issues. Her newest book, The Heaven Shop, is set in Malawi, a country in Southern Africa. She has written several other books that you will find in the media center. The Breadwinner Trilogy takes place in Afghanistan.
The Heaven Shop focuses in on the problem of children left orphaned from AIDS. Binti, is the 13-year-old main character. Her mother has died, presumbably from the disease, and as the story begins her father is sick. When he dies Binti and her siblings are sent to live with cruel relatives. An abusive uncle takes in Binti, but warns his own children to "stay away from her." He believes that Binti carries the HIV virus and her touch will infect his family. Binti is separated from her older sister and younger brother. Eventually she runs away, searching for "Gogo", her grandmother who she does not know. Is the family reunited? You will need to read the book to see what happens to Binti and her brother and sister.
All royalties from this book are being donated to UNICEF!!