Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New books!!!

Lots and Lots of new books have been arriving! Stop in and check one out. Lucky Books continue through the month of April.

Quid pro quo

This latin phrase is actually the title of a new mystery by Vicki Grant. When translated it means, "what for what". Quid pro quo is a legal term that means an even exchange between two people. So............what does that have to do with the book?
Cyril Floyd MacIntyre is 14 years old. (He explains his "odd" name in Chapter 2.) The first line of the book is, "I started going to law school when I was ten years old." This was only because his mom, Andy, didn't have any money to pay a babysitter. Andy does become a lawyer and works for Varma and Associates. Shortly after taking on her first case, Andy disappears! Cyril knows she has been kidnapped. Because of a complicated set of circumstances, he is afraid to go to the police. (Andy has a "colorful" history. Read the book and you will understand.) What clues does Cyril use to try and find his mom? Believe it or not, he finds something in his freezer! Does Cyril find his mom? Read the book and find out.