Monday, October 27, 2014

Origin by Jessica Khoury

Guest Blogger: Twilight Sparkle
Genre: Science Fiction / Romance

Imagine yourself being born for only one purpose in life, and that
purpose is to create people like you, Immortals. These are people whose skin can't be broken by any object... a person who can NEVER die.

Pia is the name of the seventeen year old girl who is the only Immortal. She must overcome the challenges that are thrown at her by the camp called Little Cam. The Scientist Paolo gives her these tests to see if she can end up being the person to create more Immortals. But along the way she finds a hole in the fence to the outside world, which she has never seen! She slips through the hole running into a eighteen year old tribesman. His name is Eio, It's love at first sight! Alas Pia must return to Little Cam before the scientist find out that she's missing!!

There is much more drama, adventure, don't forget romance in this book! You will not want to put it down! I'll try not to ruin the rest of the story for you people out there in the world lol.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New books!

It's finally here!  Come in and check it out.

In addition we have the 4th book in the Michael Vey series, Hunt for Jade Dragon!

Do you know what augmented reality is?  The 2015 Guinness Book has pages that come alive with an iPad app.  Stop in and play!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Quarantine Book One by Lex Thomas

Back to dystopia!  At the urging of a student, I finally read the first book in the Quarantine series, The Loners.  As I read it I couldn't help but think of the first time I read Lord of the Flies.  There are lots of connections with the classic.
Imagine it is the first day of school.  As the day begins you are visiting with a favorite teacher.  Suddenly, a horrific explosion rocks the building.  Chaos ensues.  This is exactly how David's first day of school starts.
The smell of smoke and panic fills the air.  In front of David his teacher starts to convulse, dying a horrible death.  Every adult in the building dies the same way.  As students run to escape, the military shoots them down.  What is happening?
Students have become infected with a virus.  When transmitted to adults it causes a horrible death.  The military has locked down the entire building.  As days draw into weeks and months, students align themselves with gangs.  The military drops food and supplies, but students battle for whatever they can get.  David and his younger brother Will have made their home in the elevator shaft.  Will this nightmare ever end?  Read the book to find out!