Monday, April 12, 2010


Can you believe we have three new books titled, Breathless? The one I read over break is by Jessica Warman. I found it interesting that the events in this story parallel her life. She first wrote it when she was just out of high school

The main character is a girl named Katie. She has just been sent to a fancy boarding school. While she doesn't mean to.....she implies that the reason she is there is because her brother died. Her brother, Will, is alive, but not well. He has schizophrenia. It has caused him to be extremely violent toward himself and others. The story looks at the effect of a serious illness on the entire family.

Katie is an expert swimmer. The only time she honestly feels like herself is when she is in the water. But.....even that changes. ............. Read the book!

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

I LOVED this new book by Carrie Ryan!!

Mary lives in a village in the middle of a forest, that is completely fenced in. Guardians patrol the perimeter of the fence line to make sure that the fences are in good repair. Outside the fences the moaning of the Unconsecrated fills the air. The Unconsecrated are described as wearing "tattered clothes, having sagging skin and fingers scraped raw from pulling at the metal fences. " They are "zombie-like" creatures.

The fenceline of Mary's village is breached. The villagers do all they can to try and escape the Unconsecrated. It is a horrific battle for survival. Mary along with several others escape down a path. What happens? Do they escape? Will Mary find the ocean that her mother insisted is "out there"? You've got to read this horror/romance!