Monday, September 15, 2014

For you foodies.....

Relish:  My Life in the Kitchen is a new graphic novel memoir of artist Lucy Knisley and her obsession with food and cooking!   I read it this summer and am finally getting around to writing about it.  I like reading memoirs, I like food and I am reading more and more graphic novels.  It was a perfect fit!
Knisley looks back on her childhood and teenage years.  Her mom was a chef and her father appreciated good food.  Memories are tied into the foods we eat.  Lucy shares her favorite recipes as she shares her life.  With each memory she shows that life, like a good meal, should be savored and that all food -- even junk food is more than "just fuel".  I appreciated the fact that she likes McDonald's fries!
Each chapter ends with a recipe.  Make some of "Mom's Pesto" or "Lucy's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies" ....and bring me in a taste!


Chris Crutcher's newest book is best described as a psychological thriller.

Period 8 is more than a lunch hour.  It is time spent with Mr. Logsdon, AKA "Logs".  It's not really a counseling session, more just time to sit and talk ...... about anything.  The only rule is you have to tell the truth.  Paulie takes the truthfulness to heart because it has caused the breakup with his girlfriend, Hannah.

So how does the "thriller" description develop?  There is a student psychopath, a very well disguised psychopath, who has somehow enticed female students into a prostitution ring.  This person's version of the truth is very different from the Period 8 truth.  When Mary disappears from school the Period 8 students, along with others, search the nearby woods for her body.

Read the book....will Mary be found?