Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Have you ever wished and wanted to go on spring break sans parents? (Without parents!) I always wanted to....and didn't until I was in college. In this novel by Laura Kasischke three friends - Terri, Anne and Michelle - are headed to Cancun. They are high school seniors from Illinois. All three are ready to have fun -- sand, sun, boys... you get the idea! BUT..........

Since you've been able to understand haven't your parents warned you about "stranger danger"? Haven't they always warned you about taking rides from strangers? Read the story and see what happens when Anne and Michelle decide to experience the Mayan ruins on their own.

Monday, November 23, 2009


This novel by A. M. Jenkins is a Printz winner. Stop in the library and see the display of winners. The award is given specifically to a young adult novel of merit. Repossessed was recommended to me by a student, and it didn't disappoint!

Kiriel is a "fallen angel". What does that mean? He is sentenced to spend eternity in hell. His job is to torment the occupants of said place. But......he is bored with the job. He decides to take over the body of 17 year-old Shaun. Shaun has just stepped in front of a speeding truck and is on his way to heaven -- in no need of his physical body.

You have to read this book to see how Kiriel adapts to a body -- in hell he was only a presence. He wants to experience all the things that 17 year old guys experience. In one of the first scenes of the book Shaun's younger brother (who Shaun has never been nice to) catches Shaun in his bedroom "french-kissing" a shirt. Why a shirt? It's a sensation that Shaun has never experienced. Shaun, AKA Kiriel, has an ultimate plan to have the same experience with Lane Henneberger.

Eventually Kiriel is found out. His demon supervisors venture to earth to find him. Read the book to see what happens to Shaun.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Shift is a first novel by English teacher Jennifer Bradbury. A good author will always do thorough research for a novel. Jennifer really did.....she and her husband took a 2 month bicycle trip! They traveled from Charleston, South Carolina to Los Angeles, California.

In the book, Chris and Win, best friends since 3rd grade, have just graduated from high school. It was Chris' big dream to take a cross-country bike trip. He and Win finally convince their parents they are old enough and responsible enough to do it. The morning after graduation they leave their homes in West Virginia. Their ultimate destination? The Pacific coastline of Seattle, Washington.

As they bike through the upper Midwest -- they spend the night in a jail cell in Hudson, WI -- you get to know both Chris and Win. They experience the desolate highways of North Dakota and then the beauty of Glacier National Park. It's a long 2 months. Chris and Win have their own up's and down's....along with numerous flat tires. After almost being attacked by a wild coyote, Chris has another flat. Win continues on --- not waiting for his friend. That is the last Chris ever sees of Win!

Chris makes it to Seattle -- alone. He takes a bus back home and starts college. One of the first days on campus the FBI shows up to talk to Chris. Read this mystery to find out what happens to both Chris and Win!