Monday, February 08, 2010

My two new favorite books!

I finished two books over the weekend. Often I'll only read a small part of a book (don't tell) so that I can booktalk it. These two I had to finish!!

Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson. James is the 17 year-old main character. The book is full of his rants against consumerism. The title of his first persuasive essay for AP English is "Destroy All Cars." In typical James fashion he tells us that cars are the evil of the world. If we don't destroy them, they will destroy us. This book is funny!!! My husband loved the rants. In fact, one of his favorite phrases is one that James shares, "useless crap". Used as in......"I understand that it is the nature of Consumer Americans to constantly drive to different stories so they can buy endless amounts of useless crap."

My other favorite is If the Witness Lied by Caroline Cooney. Cooney is a favorite author from my middle school days. I really enjoyed this book. The intrigue at the beginning is what grabbed me. What could have happened to Jack's family that is worse than the "most horrible soap opera?" I know that Jack's parents died. Jack is 15 years old. He lives with an aunt and a 3 year-old brother. Both his sisters live with other families. Why? Why is a reality show interested in Jack's family. Read the book and find out!