Monday, December 11, 2006

Witch Catcher

Have you ever seen a witch ball? I have one hanging in the window of my home. The idea is an old one -- something from the middle ages, when a belief in witches was common. Many homes of the time hung a beautiful glass ball in the window. It was thought that a witch would be intrigued by the beautiful colors and would be drawn into the gall---captured for eternity.
In Mary Downing Hahn's newest book, Witch Catcher, 12-year-old Jen comes into possession of a witch ball.
Jen and her father have just moved into an enormous old home. In the backyard is a crumbling stone tower. Against her father's wishes Jen investigates. She finds a beautiful witch ball that she hangs in her bedroom window. The ball accidently breaks and Jen releases a fairy who has been held captive for generations. Moura, a local antiques dealer and love interest to Jen's father, is far more interested in capturing the fairy, and the fairies friends, than she is in marrying Jen's dad. Moura is actually a witch! --- Read this new book and see what evil she is capable of!

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ghost's Grave

Josh is definitely not having a boring summer with Old Aunt Ethel! In the backyard treehouse Josh meets the ghost of a coal miner who was killed in a mine explosion. Willie (the ghost) has been waiting for decades for a friendly soul to help him. In 1903 Willie lost his leg in a mining accident. Two years later, in 1905, he was killed. Willie hasn't been able to "move on" because he hasn't got over his anger about dying. Enter Josh..... Willie wants Josh to dig up his leg and rebury it with the rest of him!! Obviously Josh doesn't want to be arrested for grave robbery, but he does want to help Willie. Read the book - see what Josh finds when he digs up the leg - and how it ties into a local robbery. This is a good mystery by Peg Kehret.

The Amazing Life of Birds........

The rest of the title: The Twenty-One Day Puberty Journal of Duane Homer Leech, As Discovered By Gary Paulsen is a quick and fun read!! Duane is 12 years old (plus one week). Puberty has hit. Along with it come zits and lots of embarrassing situations. How about dropping your tray of food in the middle of the cafeteria. Why do these things always seem to occur in front of the girl he wants to impress? Read the book to find out what ELBOWS are! Another great Gary Paulsen story. Find it on the "New Book" shelf!

Haven't been blogging

I know, I know......I haven't been blogging much. The school year is busy. I'm still reading - just not getting to the computer to write about it:)
Take a look at the new books in both the Tipler and Sunset collections. If you click on the "Visual Search" button in Destiny, you will see New Books for Fall 06 listed. Give it a try!!