Thursday, June 05, 2014

Another one from the headlines.......

Do you remember the story of the young women in Ohio who were kidnapped and kept hostage for years?  This new book is similar.

"Clover" wants the perfect family.  He has kidnapped 4 young women and renamed them with flower names:  Rose, Violet, Poppy and Lily.  He keeps them locked in "the cellar" as he assumes his "normal" life. Clover's normal is not normal.  He shows up for breakfast and dinner with his "flowers".  He murders other young women and has his "flowers" clean up.  Clover's psychotic behavior is escalating.

The story follows Summer's, AKA Lily's, abduction.  Her family and boyfriend desperately search for her. Read the book if you're a fan of thrillers, but don't let the point of view switches confuse you.