Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lessons from a dead girl by Jo Knowles

I only meant to read this book for a short time last night. I got home late from conferences and needed something to put me to sleep. (The Viking game wasn't doing it!) I ended up staying up late, too late, to finish this book.

Laine is a victim. Leah is a victim. Leah is dead. That about sums up the book!

Laine has always wanted to be a part of the popular crowd. When Leah, the most popular girl in the school, wants to be her friend, Laine is ecstatic! But popularity comes at a price. When Leah is at Laine's house she wants to go in the closet with her and "practice". Laine is very conflicted in her emotions. She wants Leah's friendship, but she feels wrong. She tries to end the friendship and there are disastrous results. Laine tries to help Leah, but it is as though she doesn't want help. There are risky behaviors and lessons learned. I couldn't put it down.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another one!!

I read another graphic novel! This time it was Welcome to the Jungle from Jim Butcher's Dreseden Files. I'm really liking this genre!!

Harry Dresden is a wizard "on-call" with the Chicago Police Department. He is brought into a case involving the death of a security guard at Lincoln Park Zoo. The guard was viciously killed -- perhaps by a gorilla? No one appears to know. Harry suspects there is some bad magic at work. He finds himself working against not one, but three hags.

Read the novel, see what you think! There are more titles by Jim Butcher in our collection. Have you outgrown Harry Potter? Try these.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I read a graphic novel!!!

Finally.....I read a graphic novel. Last night I read In the Small by Michael Hague. I've really been liking the "dystopia genre".... and this book fit the bill.

On a beautiful September day a strange blue light swept over the earth. It went everywhere --- inside buildings, to the bottom of the ocean and inside subway tunnels. It only lasted a second -- then life returned to normal - almost. The only life form that changed were humans. Humans are now about 6 inches tall --- approximately the size of a pencil! Think of all the dangers that present themselves when you are that small. Pets - cats and dogs - think you are food, how would you navigate the stairs in an office building, how would you push the button for an elevator?

Somehow "Mouse" and "Beat" short for Beatrice become two of the leaders in the chaos that ensues. Read the book and see if you like it as much as I did.....I'm waiting for a sequel.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Compromised by Heidi Ayarbe

The FBI has finally caught up with Maya's dad. He's pulled one scam too many ..... and is now in prison. Maya is in foster care, but has no intention of staying there.
Aunt Sarah lives in Idaho - at least that is what Maya thinks. The problem is .... she is in Nevada. How to get there? Maya and another girl in foster care run away. She have only the clothes on their backs and a few dollars in their pockets. Life on the streets is hard -- hitchhiking, shoplifting to try and get food, rats...... Read the story and see if they get to Idaho and find the elusive Aunt Sarah.

Huge by Sasha Paley

April and Wil are roommates at "Fat Camp". That is about the only thing they have in common. April has saved and saved to afford the expensive tuition at Wellness Canyon. She desperately wants to lose weight. Wil, on the other hand, does not want to be at camp. Her thin, successful and beautiful parents are owners of Excalibur Sport and Health Club. When your parents are owners of a string of work-out facilities, the last thing in the world you should be is overweight. Well....guess what? Wil is. Wil is also determined to "show" her parents that she is in-charge. Wil is actually trying to gain weight!!

There are lots of clashes between the two girls.....yet as you read the story you will see that they have more in common than you think.

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

This book is best described as a psychological thriller! It was made into the 2010 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
The setting is Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. The hospital is located on an island. It is 1954. Teddy and Chuck, U.S. Marshals, are summoned to the island to locate a missing patient. Rachel, the missing patient, has been convicted of a horrible crime --- killing her three small children.
The book has one plot twist after another. A hurricane throws havoc into the scene. Teddy discovers that unorthodox brain surgery is taking place on patients. He has been drugged through the food he has been eating and the cigarettes he has been smoking. His partner, Chuck, disappears.
What is real? What is not? I'm still wondering..........I finished this book over the weekend, yet it still sticks with me. Next I need to rent the movie and see what director, Martin Scorsese did with the screenplay.