Monday, November 28, 2011

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Funny, funny stuff. Enough said. You'll have a good chuckle and NEVER look at "beauty pagents" the same again.


Did the title grab your attention? This is a new book by Ben Winters.
Susan and Alex have found their dream apartment in Brooklyn. Along with their toddler, Emma, they move in and life is good. At least it is good until Susan discovers a small bite on her wrist. Is it a bite from a bedbug or a spider?
Susan becomes more and more obsessed with bedbugs. She itches the bites until they become sores. Neither Emma nor Alex seems to be affected. An exterminator doesn't find any evidence of the bugs. What is biting Susan? You'll have to read this creepy book and find out!

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

This is a new "Adult for Young Adult" book which was recommended by Miss Carwardine.
Annie O'Sullivan has been kidnapped. She is held for over a year in an isolated mountain cabin. During that time her captor abuses her physically and emotionally. He holds her to strange rituals....for example, she can only use the bathroom at certain times of the day. Annie fights daily for her survival. It is heart-breaking.
The story is told through Annie's sessions with a psychiatrist. Read the book and find out how she escapes and tries to put her life back together.

Lots and lots of new books

New books continue to come in! It's my favorite time of the year!!

Are you looking for the final book in the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner? How about Passion, the newest Lauren Kate book in the Fallen series? Goliath, the final book in the Leviathan Trilogy is here as well!
Follow the following link to see all the new materials. Go to Destiny. Click on Catalog. Click the tab across the top, Copy Categories. Click the link for New Books Fall 2011 for all 393 titles!

Happy Reading!

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Enemy by Charlie Higson

A new zombie book!!!!
It sounds funny to say, but I really enjoy reading books about the zombie apocalypse.
Everyone over the age of 16 is dead. The "grown-ups" wander the streets looking for children to eat. Yikes!!!
This first book in the series follows a group of children as they try to survive in London. After hearing that another group of children have made their home in Buckingham Palace, the group tries to make their way there. Unfortunately, it isn't what they hoped it would be.
It's a bit gory in spots, but it wouldn't be a zombie book if it wasn't☻