Monday, September 26, 2011

Nobel Genes by Rune Michaels

The first line of this new book is, "I'm a donor baby." Donor as in the narrator's father was a sperm donor. The only thing the boy has been told by his mother is that his father was a Nobel Prize winner. Consequently there is a great amount of pressure on the narrator (he isn't named). What kind of intelligence did his father have? Was his biological father a winner in the science area, the creative arts? So far, to his mother's dismay, the narrator is only of average intelligence.
It becomes very clear that mom is mentally unstable. Several episodes of drug overdoses have sent her to the hospital. The first hand look at what mental illness does to a family is heartbreaking. Also heartbreaking is the narrator's search for the truth about his dad. Read the book to find out about his missing family.