Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Henry Franks

A twist on Frankenstein......................

This novel by new author Peter Adam Salomon was bizarre.  I almost stopped reading it, but am really glad I didn't put it down.

There is something very odd about Henry.  He has been in a traumatic accident and has amnesia.  Parts of his body have no feeling. With over 3,000 stitches, it is believable.  His mother is dead and his father is very reclusive.  What is going on?

To add more to the mix there is a serial killer on the loose and a hurricane approaches the island community. 

You will honestly have to read the book to see how all these elements pull together.  Don't give up on it.  The conclusion is worth a bit of confusion.   

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the After

New dystopia by new author Demitria Lunetta.

I was immediately drawn into Amy's story.  An ordinary Saturday morning.  Mom is working at her high-security government job and dad is at the farmer's market.  Turning on the TV Amy finds the same program on every channel.....the president is informing the world of a massive alien invasion. People are warned to stay indoors.  The creatures are savage and are killing everyone in sight.
Fast forward several months later.  Amy has found "Baby", a child about 3 years old. Somehow she has been able to survive.  They communicate through a learned sign language.  Along with light, any sound draws the creatures in for the kill. Dad had a rooftop garden and solar power. Amy has been scavenging for supplies as best she can. It is a meager existence. If you like survival stories, this is it!
Miraculously, after over a year living in silence, Amy and Baby are rescued and taken to New Hope.  New Hope is a former college campus that has been taken over by survivors.  A new society has been formed and Amy finds that her scientist mother is now the director.  Despite food, people, and apparent safety, all is not right with the world.  Will Amy and Baby survive in New Hope?  You will have to read the book to find out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Night School by C.J. Daugherty

Allie has been in lots of trouble lately.  So much so that her parents have sent her to Cimmeria Academy.  It's a very strict (snobby) boarding school with high standards and a NO technology rule. From the beginning Allie wonders why her parents selected this school...all the other kids are from very wealthy families.  She doesn't feel she fits in.
The mystery, intrigue, romance and snarky boarding school girls kept me reading this book until the end.  What is night school? Who is involved? Why didn't Allie's mom tell her that she attended the school?  All these questions need to be answered....unfortunately you are left hanging on a few.  There will be a sequel.