Monday, December 02, 2013

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

Another new one that I couldn't put down.  Another new one that I won't let go for a while.....

Carey's mom, a bi-polar meth addict, kidnapped Carey and her younger sister.  They've been living in a beat-up camper deep in the woods for ten years.  Mom comes and goes and Carey does her best to feed, clothe, teach and protect Jenessa.  As it turns out, there is a lot to protect Nessa from.....
One day authorities come and take them away.  Carey and Jenessa are placed in foster care.  Jenessa is selectively mute, but at 7 years old, she adapts quickly to her new home. It is Carey who finds it difficult to adjust as she tries to face the facts of her abandonment.

It is a gripping book.  I wanted to bring Carey and Jenessa home myself.

Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley

This is a new book and one that will stick with me for awhile.  Did you ever read Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott.  It reminded me of this new one.
Angie was on a Girl Scout camping trip when she was abducted.  Her family has been missing her for three years.  As the book begins Angie walks into the front door of her home.  Mom can't believe it!!!  This is her daughter ---- she's been missing three long years!!
In Angie's mind, she is still 13, not 16 years old.  She can not remember where she has been for the last three years.  As alternate personalities appear, Angie faces some pretty tough facts.  She finds that she was not only kidnapped, but also abused.  She has dissociative identity disorder (DID) .... that multiple personalities are sharing her body.  The personalities were a coping mechanism to deal with the abuse.
How do Angie and her parents put their lives back together?  Read the book and find out.  I couldn't put it down.