Monday, March 19, 2007

Revenge of the Witch

Revenge of the Witch is the first book in The Last Apprentice series. Meet Tom Ward...... he is the seventh son of a seventh son. This unique birth position places him in line to become the apprentice to "Old Gregory" the village Spook!

It is the job of the Spook to keep ordinary people free from the harmful affects of boggarts, imps, ghostly spirits...and most especially .... witches. Take a look at the book cover - even the Spook would scare me. During Tom's trial period he accidently frees and kills Mother Malkin, one of the most dangerous witches in the area. Read the book and see what happens as the witch reappears in Tom's life.

I am eager to read Book 2: Curse of the Bane. Both books can be found in the Media Center.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Road to Paris

No......the road does not lead to Paris, France. Rather, the story is about a girl named Paris Richmond. Paris and her brother Malcolm are in the foster care system. They have moved, or have run away from several different foster homes....all of them bad experiences. As the story begins they leave a family and run to the only stable person in their lives -- their Grandmother. Unfortunatly, she can not keep them. On to another foster home, but this time Malcolm and Paris are separated!! Paris is sent to live with the Lincoln family. She is fearful and expects the worst. Slowly, the family earns her trust and she makes a friend at her new school. But.....what about Malcolm and her mother? Will they ever be a part of her life again? Read the story and find out!
If you like this book by Nikki Grimes you will find other books in the library by her!