Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ellen Hopkins writes many hard-hitting books. This one is no exception. Did it appall me? did. To think that young women deal with abuse like Kaeleigh and Raeanne do, is just sad. Read the book -- thank goodness it is fiction!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Dark Angel

This was a great book by David Klass! Jeff's brother Troy has been released early from prison. His parents are ectastic that Troy is home -- but Jeff feels as though his life is ruined. He doesn't want his friends to know about his brother, but inevitably the "secret" is out. His girlfriend breaks up with him. Life definitely changes.

Jeff can't accept Troy back into the family. When a popular, star athlete disappears.....a person who Troy had a skirmish with.....all fingers point to Troy. When the car he disappeared in is found - with traces of blood - Troy has to submit to DNA testing. Is he responsible? You'll have to read this thriller to find out!

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